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Weekly Roundup: Netflix Ads, Shopping Small, and Streamlining Your Digital Marketing

Are Netflix ads in our future? According to recent reports, it seems likely. Rising subscription costs, a decline in subscribers, and password sharing are resulting in lost revenue, so the streaming giant is reported to be accelerating the move to an ad-supported (aka cheaper) option.  

Weekly Roundup: Reaching the Right Customer at the Right Time with Radio + Social Media

Reaching the right customer, at the right time, on the right channel seems easy, right? Seasoned marketers know that this can be a little more challenging than it looks. It takes a strategic, multi-channel approach to win the attention and loyalty of your customers.   This week’s roundup explores how radio is adapting to changing audience routines, the best times to post on social media, and what it really means to reach customers where they’re at.  

Weekly Roundup: Let’s Talk Radio, Digital, and Retail

When it comes to retail marketing success, omnichannel strategies can help you boost brand awareness, target the right customers, and deliver exceptional experiences. Sounds simple, right? In practice, creating a winning retail marketing strategy is a task better left to the pros. Read on to discover how radio is a direct line to shoppers, how brands are dealing with attribution dilution, and how radio ads can boost your digital efforts.

Weekly Roundup: How Radio Helps Reach Auto Buyers

Despite a chaotic automotive market, radio continues to reach a broad range of consumers who are in the market for either a new or used vehicle. And when radio is combined with digital, the results are even more impactful. This week’s roundup focuses on automotive marketing industry insights, and how to create a winning strategy to reach more consumers.

Weekly Roundup: Broadcast Radio, Digital Advertising, and Why Combining the Two Could Be Your Best Approach Yet

Broadcast radio ad spend saw double-digit growth last year. And marketers are catching on to the fact that spreading their ad dollars around is the way to go. Digital video has exploded. As brands are looking to video to get their messages in front of more viewers, no screen is too big or small.

Weekly Roundup: OTT and Video Continue to Make Waves

OTT continues to expand in the market, and worldwide subscriptions to popular channels has nearly doubled from just four years ago. YouTube continues to disrupt the market, announcing that they added thousands of ad-supported TV shows for free. As OTT and video continue to make waves in the advertising world, how are you incorporating this into your marketing? Read on for more news from around the web, plus marketing tips from the experts, in this installment fo our weekly roundup.

Weekly Roundup: How Digital Marketing Can Curb Home Improvement Recruitment Woes

As more and more homeowners and buyers are looking to inhabit live-work spaces, the construction and home improvement industry is moving full steam ahead. However, the industry is facing several hurdles, such as material costs, inflation, and labor shortages.

Weekly Roundup: Reaching Diverse Audiences with Audio

People from different cultures experience the world in different ways, including the way they experience your ads. If you want to tailor your ads to a specific demographic, you must consider cultural nuances during the process. In this week’s roundup, we dive into diversity reach and how radio plays an integral part.

Weekly Roundup: Effective Targeting Leads to Brand Trust

Consumers are increasingly experiencing emotional connections to brands they love...and those they feel don’t understand them. (A double-edged sword!) Fewer consumers feel that brands are getting it right when it comes to listening to their needs and personalizing their interactions in the digital media landscape. Marketers that are getting it right are harnessing data and adjusting their messages accordingly. Read more about how this affects your advertising strategy in this week’s roundup of marketing news.

Weekly Roundup: Branding Matters

When it comes to branding, many marketers understand its importance but are faced with the challenge of demonstrating positive ROI to the people holding the purse strings. Marketers who are focused on the long-term effects of branding and advertising see a lift in brand awareness, and ultimately sales. This week’s roundup of news from around the web shows the importance of branding, even when advertising to a primed audience, how audio is making strong brand connections, and tips on how to measure the ROI of your branding efforts. Enjoy! 

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