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How Happy Employees Can Help Market Your Business and Bring in Better Talent

Ninety percent of US employees are currently considering job changes. And happiness, not money, talks. Many employees prioritize company culture over salary, saying they want to feel important, empowered, valued, and happy doing their jobs. And amidst record-high unemployment and employee quit rates, the businesses quickest to comply hold the stakes in retaining top industry talent.

  • 8 min read
  • September, 29, 2021

3 Critical Components of Recruitment Marketing in the Bay Area

Great talent will make or break your business. It sets the truly remarkable and successful companies apart from the rest. Talent means different things to different companies. It comes down to the ideal employee aptitude and skills for the unique business needs, goals, and organizational culture. Building a high-performing workforce requires having a successful recruitment marketing strategy.

Weekly Roundup: What Is Recruitment Marketing and How to Leverage Digital to Win Top Talent

The global pandemic has dramatically changed the way we work. However, employee recruitment tactics are lagging behind. What does the future of recruitment look like in 2021 and beyond?

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