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Joe Cariffe

Joe Cariffe

Joe is a veteran of Bay Area media and has an in-depth understanding of market research, geo-targeting, and reaching diverse ethnic consumers. He has worked extensively with both local retailers and national brands.

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3 Critical Components of Recruitment Marketing in the Bay Area

Great talent will make or break your business. It sets the truly remarkable and successful companies apart from the rest. Talent means different things to different companies. It comes down to the ideal employee aptitude and skills for the unique business needs, goals, and organizational culture. Building a high-performing workforce requires having a successful recruitment marketing strategy.

4 Things to Look for When Selecting a Marketing Consultant

When looking to expand, or grow your business, a marketing consultant can make all the difference for you and your brand. Top marketing consultants are fresh thinking, objective, experienced, and deliver results. They can help you improve your marketing performance, get better results from your budget, and even act as an extension of your marketing department.

Creative Strategies for TeleMedicine Marketing

In light of the pandemic, telemedicine is undoubtedly on the rise. It’s been a saving grace for patients throughout the pandemic, with FSH reporting there was a 154% increase in telehealth visits during the peak of COVID-19. Medical Economics found that 51% of the respondents said they would continue using telehealth services after the pandemic subsides because they like the convenience it offers. However, 49% of the respondents said that being able to see the physician of their choice, rather than someone assigned to them, will be a deciding factor when deciding to continue with telemedicine.

5 Ways to Get ROI from Your Radio Marketing Campaigns This Year

With the introduction and spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re all faced with new challenges as we explore new ways to succeed with our businesses. Among these changes are an increased dependence on radio and digital media, which will continue well into 2021. As a business, you'll do well to pivot your marketing and capitalize on these changes. Consider looking at it from the perspective of the legendary hockey great Wayne Gretzky: anticipate where the puck is headed, not where it is or was.

How to Know For Sure If Your Advertising is Working

All business owners at some point, wonder if their advertising is working. While every company is different, there are indicators you can use to evaluate most campaigns. Determining the degree of success of your campaign involves more than just asking customers how they learned about your company, brand, or services.

10 Questions to Determine if Your Business is Truly Ready to Grow

Managing a business can be a delicate balance when considering growth, and what you’ll need to do to maintain profitability and long-term staying power. Depending on the type of business, growth can be realized in many ways. It might mean increasing your advertising, launching a new product or service, adding new locations, or hiring more staff.

What You Need to Know About Advertising During Holiday 2020

As COVID-19 continues to shape events, holiday advertising is more challenging than ever. Many people will have less to spend on gifts. Holiday shoppers accustomed to shopping on Black Friday are less likely to go to retail locations this year because of COVID restrictions and safety concerns. Fortunately, there are alternatives to help you deliver your goods and services to both existing and new customers this holiday season.

Radio Endorsements: Your Secret Weapon

The influencer marketing industry is expected to grow to around $9.7 billion in 2020, and it continues to be one of the fastest-growing marketing channels. However, not as many marketers are focusing on some of the most effective influencers out there: radio influencers.

So Your Last Radio Ad Didn't Work? Here's Where You May Have Gone Wrong & How to Fix It

You've spent a significant amount of time and resources on this particular radio ad. Finally, the big day comes! It goes on-air, and you wait for the results... and wait... and wait and wait.

Radio Ad Creative Do's And Dont's

With radio ads, there’s a great opportunity for creativity. For best results, we suggest adhering to some simple guidelines to help you achieve success. You want your radio ads to speak to your listeners: to get their attention, convince them of the importance of your product, and invite them to connect with your brand. Here are some strategies to improve the return on your ads and make them more effective.

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