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Weekly Roundup: Netflix Ads, Shopping Small, and Streamlining Your Digital Marketing

Are Netflix ads in our future? According to recent reports, it seems likely. Rising subscription costs, a decline in subscribers, and password sharing are resulting in lost revenue, so the streaming giant is reported to be accelerating the move to an ad-supported (aka cheaper) option.  

The Secret to Getting High-End Remodeling Leads

Even as the home renovation market booms, it can be challenging to acquire high-end remodeling projects that will naturally net bigger profit margins. Decades ago, all you needed was an ad on the radio or even word of mouth to attract customers. Now that there's so much more competition, integrating digital advertising into your marketing mix is a must.

Why Your Home Improvement Company Needs Digital Marketing

As the world of marketing continues to expand, many are realizing that marketing isn't just a tool to help sell your services; it's a way to form meaningful connections with customers and keep your brand relevant.

3 Marketing Secrets for Personal Injury Firms

Wondering how your personal injury firm can stand out in a saturated market? The solution is to boost your marketing efforts with data-driven digital marketing. Digital advertising has been known to increase brand lift by at least 31% and ROI — by how much depends on the initiative. For instance, email generates an average ROI of $36 for every $1, social media marketing generates on average 95% (with more than a quarter reporting 150% or more), and pay-per-click (PPC) generates 200%.

7 Ways to Reach the Modern Homeowner with an Integrated Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy that only uses a single channel typically only has a purchase rate of around 3%. With an integrated marketing strategy of three channels or more, that number climbs to 12.43%! Data also shows that the success of integrated marketing campaigns increases from year to year.

Weekly Roundup: Broadcast Radio, Digital Advertising, and Why Combining the Two Could Be Your Best Approach Yet

Broadcast radio ad spend saw double-digit growth last year. And marketers are catching on to the fact that spreading their ad dollars around is the way to go. Digital video has exploded. As brands are looking to video to get their messages in front of more viewers, no screen is too big or small.

Weekly Roundup: Social Media - The Magic Formula for Holiday Success

Tis' the season to get social! Social media is an excellent way to engage new and existing customers throughout the buyer’s journey as we head into the holiday shopping season. Consumers aren’t abandoning their pandemic shopping habits, which means reaching them at multiple touchpoints is more crucial than in the past. Plus, we discuss the Elephant in the Room, Facebook aka Meta.  Dig into this week’s roundup of social media marketing news to discover how you can use this tactic to your advantage this holiday season.

Weekly Roundup: The Golden Age of Audio Is Now

Word on the street is that audio has entered a new Golden Age. With emerging formats, engaged audiences, and continuing tech innovations, radio has become more important to consumers. The Godfather of audio, terrestrial radio, still reaches twice the size of pure-play and podcasts. And the use of smart speakers is keeping listeners connected more than ever before. Read on for more findings in this week’s roundup of radio news from around the web.  

Weekly Roundup: More Industries Are Making the Shift to Connected TV + How to Take Advantage of Video Marketing

It’s no secret that connected TV (CTV) advertising is having a moment. However, the rise in popularity shows no signs of slowing down. Major industries (think travel and big pharma) are shifting ad spend to CTV in hopes of capturing a more targeted audience. Our latest weekly roundup explores how connected TV is one of the fastest-growing channels of 2021 (and beyond), and how you can implement video into your digital advertising strategy. Enjoy!  

Weekly Roundup: Radio Reaches Active and Passive Job Seekers

In an environment where retailers and small businesses are facing pandemic-driven labor shortages, radio is standing out as a winning recruitment marketing solution. Competition is fierce for talent, and it’s getting tougher to stand out from the crowd. With the holidays rapidly approaching, many businesses are finding themselves needing to up their hiring game. This week’s roundup of recruitment news from around the web shows that adding radio to your recruitment marketing plans might just be the way to go.

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