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Employees Are Customers, Too: How to Sell Your Brand and Win Top Talent

While focusing on the needs of external customers makes sound business sense, creating a rich employee experience can be just as important to a company's long-term success. After all, your business never would have grown without your employees' commitment and hard work. The challenge today, however, is that there is a talent shortage with no end in sight.

Weekly Roundup: Consumers Are Spending More Time with Radio

US adults are spending the majority of their time with terrestrial radio versus podcasts and streaming platforms. Affluent audiences are taking to the airwaves. And radio remains one of the most cost-effective ways to reach audiences. Catch up with the latest in radio marketing in this week’s roundup of interesting news from around the web. Enjoy!

3 Critical Components of Recruitment Marketing in the Bay Area

Great talent will make or break your business. It sets the truly remarkable and successful companies apart from the rest. Talent means different things to different companies. It comes down to the ideal employee aptitude and skills for the unique business needs, goals, and organizational culture. Building a high-performing workforce requires having a successful recruitment marketing strategy.

Weekly Roundup: Reaching GenZ with Radio

It may surprise you that GenZ listens to AM/FM radio given their prevalent use of smartphones and streaming apps. However, reaching young people on the radio might be easier than you think. Not only are they listening to AM/FM radio, they’re planning to increase consumer spending to the tune of $44 billion in purchasing power. Read on to find out how you can use radio as a marketing tactic to reach GenZ.  

Weekly Roundup: What Happens When the Forces of Auto, Radio, and Digital Combine?

US auto's digital ad spend is on the mend in 2021 and forecasted to grow to $19 billion by 2023. Radio remains a prime advertising medium for auto dealers to build brand awareness regardless of what vehicle adult heavy radio listeners are planning to buy. And digital marketing has a massive ROI, even more so when combined with radio as part of an overall marketing strategy. Shift your auto marketing strategy into high gear with the latest advertising news from around the web.   

Weekly Roundup: This Is Your Brain on Radio

Researchers have discovered that radio, podcasting, and music streaming are processed differently in the human brain and should be treated differently when it comes to your marketing strategy. Take note: AM/FM remains the dominant audio choice among adult listeners and offers distinct advantages for advertisers. Learn how the brain works on audio when you dive into the research featured in this week’s roundup.  

Weekly Roundup: Targeting the Right Audience During Uncertain and Fragmented Times

When creating your marketing strategy, it’s crucial to consider your target audience and myriad tactics for reaching them – especially in today’s fragmented ecosystem. This week’s roundup of news from the web explores how digital media has brought targeting to a new level. Plus, we dive into the power of radio in reaching audiences where they spend their time, both in person and online. Read on to discover what this means for your marketing.  

Weekly Roundup: What Is Recruitment Marketing and How to Leverage Digital to Win Top Talent

The global pandemic has dramatically changed the way we work. However, employee recruitment tactics are lagging behind. What does the future of recruitment look like in 2021 and beyond?

Weekly Roundup: Consumer Trends That Define 2021, Effective Customer Engagement Strategies, and Understanding the Buyer’s Journey

Recent research reveals that 29% of internet users said they’d recently had such a bad customer support experience that they decided never to do business with the company again. 

Weekly Roundup: The Importance of Branding in the Era of Adaptation and How to Measure the ROI of Brand Awareness

Apple is more than iPhones. Coke is more than soda. And Nike is more than shoes. Brands done right are synonymous with certain lifestyles and values. A quality brand is a living entity that people love, engage with, and even defend if the road gets rocky. Interacting with their products creates experiences, and 76 percent of consumers would rather spend their money on experiences instead of products.

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