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Weekly Roundup: Are You Targeting the Right Audience?

Radio is the soundtrack to our lives, and more consumers are getting on the road to attend events...which can mean stronger reach for your radio ads. With all the focus on GenZ, one affluent group may be the biggest underdog. But how do you know if you’re targeting the right audience? Answers to this and more in our latest weekly roundup. 

How to Convince Gen Z (And Their Parents) that College Is Worth It

A college degree was once seen as the key to a comfortable, middle class life. Better jobs with more opportunities were linked to two, four, or more years of costly study.   

Weekly Roundup: Radio’s Unparalleled Reach

With so much focus on digital marketing, it’s easy to forget how powerful traditional media is. Don’t worry, we’re here to remind you! More than 200 million Americans aged 18 and older listen to the radio at least once a week, equaling a reach of 91 percent of the adult population. That’s huge! So, how can radio help you reach your target customer? Read on to find out! 

Degree or Certification? How to Market to GenZ

GenZ is rethinking what its path to success should be. For generations, young adults were told that a traditional college education was the key to acquiring a good job, ensuring career progression, and achieving financial stability. The reality belies the sentiment. GenZers have repeatedly heard millennials lament that upon graduation, there were not only the promised jobs, but they were facing crushing debt from the exorbitant tuition. 

Weekly Roundup: Savvy Marketers Trust Radio’s Expertise

We’ve come a long way since wiping down our groceries before bringing them into the house, and it’s only up from here.    A recent study shows that local ad buyers increased their trust in radio marketing experts during the pandemic and beyond. High inflation isn’t stopping shoppers from celebrating dads this year. An omnichannel approach could be your secret to scoring more sales. See how you can integrate traditional and digital tactics for a winning strategy. Catch all this and more in our latest weekly roundup...enjoy! 

How to Reach Prospective College Students from All Walks of Life

The demographics of college campuses have changed. Once heavily populated by fresh high school graduates wanting to continue their education before entering the workforce, today's college recruits are represented by a variety of ages and backgrounds. Enrolling for a myriad of reasons, each student is also looking for a unique experience. 

Weekly Roundup: How to Integrate Radio and Digital Marketing for Best Results

A new study shows that audio listeners associate positively with your brand when they hear an uplifting message. Further research shows that email tops the list of persuasive marketing channels for consumers. So how do you marry these two proven strategies together into one cohesive campaign. Read on for more on this topic, plus we’ve included a few more articles to get you started.  

Measuring Your Higher Ed Marketing ROI: Math Major Not Required

Higher education continues to grapple with digital transformation. Without understanding how your digital marketing translates to increased enrollment, acquiring the budget for high-quality marketing tools can be challenging.  

Weekly Roundup: The Secret to Increasing Engagement - Plus, What’s Next for Google

What entices a user to engage with your brand? What is Google up to next? How can you improve your digital marketing strategy to reach more high end prospects? This week’s roundup of marketing news from around the web highlights the latest in digital marketing trends, plus what it means for your marketing strategy. Enjoy! 

Education's Gone Digital: Meet Students Online with Your Marketing

Online college is far from a new concept. In its genesis, online marketing for higher education targeted adults working full-time who wanted to continue their education at night and on weekends. Students just out of high school were more interested in the typical college experience. However, the pandemic changed that.  

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