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Weekly Roundup: The Secret to Increasing Engagement - Plus, What’s Next for Google

Weekly Roundup The Secret to Increasing Engagement - Plus, What’s Next for Google

What entices a user to engage with your brand? What is Google up to next? How can you improve your digital marketing strategy to reach more high end prospects? This week’s roundup of marketing news from around the web highlights the latest in digital marketing trends, plus what it means for your marketing strategy. Enjoy! 

How estimated reading times increase content engagement – MarTech 

Letting your readers know how much time it takes to read your content helps improve user experience. The advent of digital platforms has increased the amount of content people read on computers, smartphones, and tablets. The average person spends almost seven hours a day viewing internet-connected content on a screen. And it’s even higher in the U.S., with the average person spending over seven hours viewing screen content each day. 

This shows that there are many opportunities to engage customers digitally, which is why it’s worth asking how much of their time is spent on your online content. READ MORE 

The Rundown: Google’s Marketing Live announcements signal strategic priorities - DigiDay 

The flagship Google Marketing Live conference is underway this week in which the ad industry’s largest name typically showcases its wares. This year’s installment is taking place as lawmakers and potential interlopers dial up the pressure. 

Renewed offerings in the retail media sector, not to mention the upcoming formal introduction of ad units in its TikTok-rival YouTube Shorts, point to growing competition in the sector while last week’s Digital Advertising Act underlines external tensions. READ MORE 

The Secret To Integrating Your Digital Campaign with Radio – Bonneville Bay Area 

Digital marketing has several important benefits for your business. Not only can it help expand your reach, but it can also provide you with the ability to reach your customers where they are consuming content online. Google Ads, for example, have an average ROI of $2 for every $1 spent.  

Combining digital marketing with your radio ads can prove even more effective. Radio alone can deliver as much as a 12:1 ROI. With 93% of adults over 18 listening to the radio weekly, it proves that radio remains a powerhouse of advertising. Integrating your digital campaign with radio is the secret to success. READ MORE  

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Steve DiNardo
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