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The Secret To Integrating Your Digital Campaign with Radio

The Secret To Integrating Your Digital Campaign with Radio Cropped

Digital marketing has several important benefits for your business. Not only can it help expand your reach, but it can also provide you with the ability to reach your customers where they are consuming content online. Google Ads, for example, have an average ROI of $2 for every $1 spent

Combining digital marketing with your radio ads can prove even more effective. Radio alone can deliver as much as a 12:1 ROI. With 93% of adults over 18 listening to the radio weekly, it proves that radio remains a powerhouse of advertising. Integrating your digital campaign with radio is the secret to success. 

Boost Your SEO Results

Radio can help boost your search engine position and ranking. Radio ads can help increase online searches for your business by an average of 29%. Integrating radio and digital ads can drive your SEO efforts by boosting search traffic and creating additional authority for your page. When bloggers are exposed to your ads, they are more likely to write about your brand and link to your website.

Radio also helps generate more direct searches for your brand. After hearing an ad for your product, people often search for it directly. This process builds authority for your brand and helps it appear in the “search suggest.”  

Engage Your Social Followers

Influencers can help boost your social media engagement by promoting a hashtag or starting a conversation on your social media pages. Your radio ads may also encourage engagement through contests and promotions or upcoming special events, bringing consumers straight to your page to learn more. 

Advertising a promotional campaign over radio can bring awareness to your brand, letting consumers know what you have to offer. Potential customers may want more information, which may prompt them to visit your social media pages, engage in your groups, and ask questions.

Radio influencers often have active social followings of their own. When you work with an influencer on your ad, that influencer may also post more information about your brand and products, encouraging further interaction with your business on social media. 

When an influencer gets excited about a brand, his followers get excited along with him. They can use hashtags to help bring attention to a specific event, promotion, or encourage the influencer to speak to the attributes of your business that appeal to your target audience. Many influencers know their audience very well and will often work with you to create better content that will more likely appeal to their listeners.

Master Your Digital Ads 

Running online ads concurrent with radio ads drives results, enhancing the return on your digital investment. When you know the demographics of specific listeners, you can create a digital campaign that will target the same kind of people that will be listening to your radio ads. 

Alternatively, you can use your radio ad to drive traffic to a landing page that has a retargeting pixel. You can then utilize digital ad retargeting to show digital ads to consumers who have connected with your brand via radio ads. Retargeted ads can see engagement rates 2.5 to 3 times higher than un-targeted ads. 

Retargeting helps put information back in front of visitors who have already engaged with your website but haven’t made a purchasing decision. It reminds them of their initial response to the ad or of the pain points your brand can solve. 

In the most effective marketing campaigns, radio and digital go hand in hand. Your radio ads lead seamlessly into your digital ads, providing a consistent experience for consumers no matter how they connect with your brand. At the same time, you widen your reach and invite consumers to interact more deeply with your brand. 

Working with a media partner ensures that you find the right radio station and digital platform for your needs. They will provide you with a better understanding of the marketing tools available and how to create a seamlessly integrated digital and radio campaign.

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Jennifer Ravenscroft
Jennifer Ravenscroft
Jennifer Ravenscroft is a digital advertising sales leader with over 20 years in the SF Bay Area market. She has helped hundreds of clients better understand digital advertising customer journey to find the right marketing mix to solve their business challenges.

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