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Carl Gardner

Carl Gardner

An accomplished senior executive in the radio, television and digital media industries, Carl’s expertise is figuring out how to grow the business, build strong brands, and find profitable new sources of revenue.

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How to Differentiate Your Brand with Competitive Analysis

If you want to excel as a company, it's important to set yourself apart from the competition vying for your customers’ attention. Brands that experience tremendous success do so by differentiating their products and services from the competition. In the process, they improve brand recognition and develop a deeper connection with their customers.

Ad Creative Development for Post Shelter-In-Place

In response to the outbreak of COVID-19, states throughout the U.S. implemented "stay at home" or "shelter-in-place" orders to prevent the further spread of the virus. Now, many of these restrictions are gradually being lifted.

Strategies for Businesses Return to Market: Messaging Tactics

We’re all eager to get back to a more normal way of life. Businesses are eager to reopen and connect with customers. Customers are ready to get out and do some business of their own. No one is entirely sure what this will look like or when it will happen. But it’s time - now - to prepare your business to return to market. There's no single “right way” to do this. How you reopen will depend on variables such as new safety guidelines, new product and service offerings, and the degree of pent-up demand among your customer base. Create a solid strategy that reflects the particular needs of your business and your consumers. When it’s time to return to market, your plan will help ease the transition as you welcome back your customers.

How to Stay Top-of-Mind Right Now

Most businesses have never experienced anything like the current pandemic, especially the shutdowns and economic distress that go along with it. Marketing and innovating can feel scary at a time like this. Some people’s instinct is to lay low and hope the trouble blows over. But staying top-of-mind during this time is actually more critical than ever.

Creative Strategies for Altering Your Message During a Crisis

During the current COVID-19 crisis, businesses are looking to connect in meaningful ways with current and prospective consumers. You may need to alter your messaging, or the services you promote, in order to reach your goals and provide benefit to your customers during this unique time. We’re seeing this across the country and across industries, including small and large businesses alike. A small, local pottery studio takes orders online and delivers its products directly to people's doors. A Bay Area real estate company now offers virtual house tours and online consulting in ways they never did before.

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