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Strategies for Businesses Return to Market: Messaging Tactics

Strategies for Businesses Returning to Market- Messaging Tactics

We’re all eager to get back to a more normal way of life. Businesses are eager to reopen and connect with customers. Customers are ready to get out and do some business of their own. No one is entirely sure what this will look like or when it will happen.  But it’s time - now - to prepare your business to return to market. There's no single “right way” to do this. How you reopen will depend on variables such as new safety guidelines, new product and service offerings, and the degree of pent-up demand among your customer base. Create a solid strategy that reflects the particular needs of your business and your consumers. When it’s time to return to market, your plan will help ease the transition as you welcome back your customers.

Ramp Up Your Advertising and Keep Your Consumers Informed

Begin advertising before you reopen, to let consumers know when they can start to do business with you again. As localities reopen, some businesses are modifying their hours or their approach to customer contact. There are likely to be substantial changes in how consumers interact with your company. Inform them upfront.  Remember to share the following:

Your new hours. Whether you’re reducing or expanding your regular hours, or adding specific shopping times for high-risk individuals (such as seniors), keep consumers informed, so they can take full advantage.

New safety procedures. In light of the pandemic, consumer behaviors have shifted. If you are requiring employees and guests to wear masks, limiting the number of people in the store, offering hand sanitizer and wipes, or changing the usual customer experience on-site, make customers aware before they arrive. Communication helps to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Right now, safety precautions and social distancing measures are of extreme high importance to customers. Tailor your marketing message, so guests know what to expect and can feel safe coming through your doors. 

Create a "Welcome Back" Message

Create a "welcome back" message to invite your customers to visit, and thank them for supporting you. Tell them how important they are to your business. Let them know they’ve been missed, you're eager to see them, and when they can expect to begin visiting you again. Consider an attractive “welcome back” offer with a time limit, to motivate them to come sooner rather than later.

Be Empathetic

Bring a positive message and strive for a sense of community as you reopen your business. Try to anticipate your customers’ concerns, and pay close attention to how their behaviors are changing. You may be raring to go, while some customers might not be able to yet. Show and tell customers all the ways you’ve prepared to serve them safely and efficiently when they’re ready.

Make It Fun and Engaging

A message that sounds like fun could be exactly what some customers need and want to hear right now. Get creative with your marketing efforts and include messages from your team. This doesn’t mean try to be funny.  Instead, put a personal touch into your marketing, to remind customers why they enjoy doing business with you. Make it fun, make it enticing, and connect in a lighthearted way to provide a feeling of normalcy. People are longing to feel this way!

Think Beyond Your Past Media Mix

So many things have changed due to COVID-19.  Whatever you do, don’t assume that the usual approaches will automatically work today.  Some former customers may never return, while new prospects are just now entering the market for what you have to offer. Consider how you might reach more people, using an integrated campaign for broad reach, high frequency, and smart targeting. As you reopen or expand your services, make sure you remain top-of-mind with existing customers, while also introducing your business to new prospects who don’t know you yet.  

As you plan to reopen your doors, insist on a plan that's tailored for your business and helps you pivot into the changing times. A well-crafted strategy for your business will help you reach the right people at the right time, with just the right message. Don’t forget that these are uncharted waters for everyone. Your customers are looking forward to safely doing business with you soon. Your job is to give them the confidence and peace of mind to do so.

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Carl Gardner
Carl Gardner
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