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Weekly Roundup: What Is Recruitment Marketing and How to Leverage Digital to Win Top Talent

What Is Recruitment Marketing and How to Leverage Digital to Win Top TalentThe global pandemic has dramatically changed the way we work. However, employee recruitment tactics are lagging behind. What does the future of recruitment look like in 2021 and beyond? We put together a few quick reads from around the web on all things Recruitment Marketing – what it is, why it’s vital to your business now, and how consumer and B2B marketing tactics translate into top talent acquisitions for your brand. Enjoy! 

Recruitment Marketing: From Trendy to Necessary - SHRM 

Recruitment marketing has grown in the last few years from being just a buzzy fad or aspirational "nice to have" into a core HR discipline. 

Study after study shows that best-in-class talent acquisition functions begin the recruiting process long before a candidate applies for a job or future new hires even think they need a new job. Increasingly, organizations are adopting consumer marketing strategies and tactics for recruiting to more effectively engage with potential talent and educate them on the employer and its job opportunities. <<<Read More>>> 


The #1 Priority for Recruitment Marketing in 2021 – Rally 

A must-have Recruitment Marketing skill is knowing how to use technology to gain an advantage. The last 5 years have truly established Recruitment Marketing as a discipline. But what does “Recruitment Marketing” actually mean? That you know how to develop an employee value proposition (EVP) and can define your company’s employer brand? That you can optimize job advertising spending across recruiting channels? That you can create engaging content to attract talent through social media? 

Being a recruitment marketer — whether Recruitment Marketing is your full-time job or just one of your many responsibilities in TA and HR — should mean that you can answer ‘yes’ to possessing all of those skills. But what about your mastery of digital advertising technology? <<<Read More>>> 


What Does it Mean to Reach the Right Person at the Right Time? - Bonneville Bay Area

Conducting research on your target audience before planning a campaign can help you to create ads that best speak to their needs, interests, and pain points. Rather than running ads you assume are compelling or interesting, think about your target audience’s age group, what their needs and pain points are that are likely to drive interest in your brand, and how you can create messaging that will relate to them. <<<Read More>>> 

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Steve DiNardo
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