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7 Ways to Boost Your Digital Marketing Campaign

7 Ways to Boost Your Digital Marketing Campaign

With the right tactics, streamlining your digital marketing efforts can bring success to your brand. This is because it's cost-effective to create and maintain, offers access to a wider range of your target audience, and allows you to connect with them on a deep level anytime and anywhere. Plus, your results can always be tracked and measured for more informed decision-making in the future. 

There’s been a steady increase in digital advertising competition as more marketers realize its potential. It increased by only 1.7% due to the economic impact of the pandemic, but forecasts predict rapid growth in 2021 and a steady climb from there. 

Whether or not you're a part of the 58% of marketers who are challenged with targeting or segmenting their audience, digital marketing can make a big difference for your brand — even if you're already experimenting with its elements. Here's a guide to the 7 best ways to boost your digital marketing campaign and grow your business. 

Search engine marketing  

Search engine marketing is a great way to grow your business through increased visibility online and on top of search results. It consists of various techniques that contribute to more traffic directed from a search engine results page (SERPS) to your website and is promoted by optimizing organic search rankings, paid search, and contextual advertising.  

Its success is astounding and arguably one of the most important in establishing and maintaining relevancy online. Google receives over 77,000 searches per second, and 67% of clicks go to the first 5 results displayed in search engines. Not to mention, if you maximize your SEO potential, you can avoid being a part of the 90% of web pages that get zero organic traffic from Google.  

SEO boosting tactics include optimizing the following: metadata, quality and updated content, appropriate tags, relevant keywords/phrases (more than half of searches are 4 or more words), and skimmable, mobile-friendly structures.  

Display advertising  

Digital display advertising refers to the use of images, videos, audio, banners, and text to direct your audience on a digital medium (i.e., social media, website, search engines, etc.) to an action of your choice.  

Opportunities in display advertising are growing. In Google's Display Ad Network alone, 90% of global internet users can be reached through 2 million websites and more than 650,000 apps — not to mention another 63 million can be accessed through other search engine advertising like Bing.  

Display advertising comes in a variety of forms, including: 

  • Retargeting ads 
  • Native ads 
  • Social ads 
  • Responsive ads 

Boost your display advertising by keeping your specific target audience in mind, using personalization to improve consumer engagement, display your ads in real-time, and integrate your display ads with other marketing channels.  

Video advertising  

Video advertising has been around for a while but has seen a significant increase in beneficial use over the past couple of years. It comes in a variety of forms, including brand videos, demo videos, expert interviews, event videos, how-to's, animation, testimonials, live, and more. Today, the top contenders on YouTube are product reviews at number one and how-to's following closely behind.  

Be aware; it's no secret what video advertising can do for your business — 92% of video marketers feel the levels of noise and competition have increased in the last year. This is because research shows that 84% of people say that they've been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand's video, 64% of businesses said in the last 12 months a video on Facebook resulted in a new client, and 88% of video marketers reported that video gives them a positive ROI.  

Stand out from the noise and boost your video marketing by weaving in a relevant story, grab your audience's attention right off the bat, and posting consistently.  

Email marketing  

Another form of digital marketing that holds a lot of value is email marketing. It allows you to target consumers where they are in their buyer journeys and reach them in a more personalized manner that will resonate more effectively with your audience. Combined with other digital strategies, this can make for a great method of improving your email list and staying connected with consumers. 

There's a significant audience to tap into. More than 3.9 global email users and will be more than 4.3 billion users by 2023. Not to mention they've also found that for every $1 you spend on email marketing, your average return is $42.  

Consider boosting your email marketing efforts by keeping your content personalized to the receiver, straight to the point, and with a strong CTA included to encourage action. 

Social marketing  

Social marketing is a great way to connect with your audience and build or maintain a close relationship with them. Using relevant social media platforms associated with your target audience, your brand is more than capable of increasing brand awareness, strengthening customer relationships, and accruing more brand loyalists. 

There are over 3.6 billion people on social media for you to tap into, and that number is only projected to get significantly higher — reaching as much 4.41 billion or more by 2025.  

To boost your social media marketing efforts, consider posting consistently (ideally 2-3 times a week), engaging with your followers in the comment sections, and taking advantage of live streaming when applicable.  


Streaming is another digital marketing essential strategy, especially since it can increase brand awareness within your target audience with audio and banners. Audio streaming, like podcasts, in particular, is a significant player in this type of advertising. 

More than 10 million listeners have become familiar with podcasting in just the last year reaching 78% of Americans, with more than half (56%) of Americans 12-34 listening in monthly and 51% listening to 1-3 podcasts per week. 

Boost your advertising on streaming by taking advantage of relevant and popular hosts, reaching your audience on streaming services most relevant to them, and staying true to your brand message. 

Radio station digital  

Likewise, radio station advertising also plays a big part in digital marketing. Radio is one of the most powerful mediums in the United States, earning more than a 90% weekly reach among adults, with nearly 57% of the U.S. population listening to online radio on a monthly basis. 

Boost your radio advertising by keeping reaching your audience with consistent messaging across all platforms and tracking your metrics for improvements. 

Stay in tune with the latest in digital 

With the help of SEO, display, video, email, social, streaming, and radio station digital, your digital marketing campaign can be well on its way to becoming a success and making a real impact on the growth of your business.  

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Peter Hottenstein
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