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Radio Endorsements: Here's What Not to Do

According to a Nielsen report, radio still commands the highest shares of collective trust in advertising. Given the portability of radio, marketers can reach their target audience on the go and at their convenience, allowing them a competitive edge over their competitors. 

3 Steps to Make Radio Endorsements Work for Your Brand

Chances are that you not only have a radio station you prefer over others but a favorite radio host. They are engaging, funny, and relatable. You may have even met them at a community event. When a trusted radio show host recommends a business, product, or service, you take notice. 

Weekly Roundup: Is Influencer Marketing the Wave of the Future?

Are brands' original TikTok sounds the newest evolution of the jingle? While musical branding is nothing new, marketers are now turning to the social media platform TikTok with unique songs to add to the leading app’s sounds. Music is a big part of TikTok culture, and some big brands are leaning into the fad.  

Weekly Roundup: Student Loan Relief May Shift College Sentiments

With student loan relief on the horizon, you may find sentiments changing around whether or not pursuing a college education is worth it.   For a fair number of students, a college degree remains a sound lifetime investment, even if it means amassing a sizable amount of debt. The economic returns can still be quite large, with the majority of college graduates out earning workers that take other paths. However, this isn’t always the case, so much so that it’s left a bad taste in borrowers mouths and trickled down to the next generation that thinks, ‘Maybe college isn’t worth it.”  

6 Types of Digital Advertising that Pair Well with Radio

When it comes to marketing, there are a lot of different strategies that you can use. You can try one approach and see how it goes, or mix and match different strategies to create a well-rounded plan. 

Understanding Radio Influencer Marketing and Why It Is So Effective

In the last decade, there has been a dramatic change in how people consume information. With the advent of social media and smartphones, people can access information faster than ever. However, one form of advertising is still thriving: radio influencer marketing. 

Weekly Roundup: Navigating Digital Marketing while Leveraging Traditional Media Ads

If you’ve noticed that we talk a lot about combining radio and digital, there’s a good reason why: it works.   As college football season gets underway, a new study finds that listeners are more likely to notice brands that advertise on the radio. Navigating the third-party cookie world is getting more nuanced, all the more reason to look for a partner that can stay on top of things. Discover this and more in our weekly roundup below.  

Influencer Marketing - Radio Did It First

Influencer marketing is a highly effective strategy for increasing brand awareness and driving sales. In fact, 93% of marketers have used influencers for their marketing campaigns. In 2016, the influencer market totaled $1.7 billion. This year, it is projected to reach $16.4 billion.   

Weekly Roundup: Targeting Homeowners with a Personalized Digital Strategy

As more and more homeowners seek to create the perfect oasis, marketers are taking an increasingly targeted approach. Brands are looking to reach homeowners with digital and social ads, and they’re increasingly discovering that consumers prefer personalized emails. The home improvement and marketing industries are fiercely competitive, so it’s imperative to work with a partner that understands the nuanced details that truly matter. Dive into our weekly roundup to discover more! 

Members Only: Insider Secrets for Credit Union Marketers

Credit union marketers have a lot on their plates. They're responsible for finding new members, retaining existing ones, and growing the credit union's overall footprint. But with so many options and strategies out there, it can be tough to know which direction to take your marketing. 

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