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Jennifer Ravenscroft

Jennifer Ravenscroft

Jennifer Ravenscroft is a digital advertising sales leader with over 20 years in the SF Bay Area market. She has helped hundreds of clients better understand digital advertising customer journey to find the right marketing mix to solve their business challenges.

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Digital Marketing Terms You Need to Know

Digital marketing covers a wide range of topics and terms. Below are some digital marketing definitions that you need to know to have a well-rounded understanding of the topic.

The Top 3 Social Media Platforms You Need to be on and 3 Best Practices for Each

Social media has been around for nearly two decades, starting in the form of blogs and forums and expanding into the use of social media channels. The first popular blogs eventually gave way to what we have now: social media channels that often cater to the masses.

How to Stay Connected With Your Current and Potential Customers

While the COVID-19 pandemic is causing a global impact across many industries, it's more important than ever you remain connected to your current and potential customers--whether your business is open or not. Your customers like to know they are not alone and by offering support your business can help them navigate these uncertain times. By utilizing various marketing tools, you can remain close to your customers and sustain your business momentum both now and when the crisis ends. In this article, we will highlight a variety of tactics your business can take advantage of to effectively stay connected to your current and potential customers.

Do You Know Your Customer's Buying Journey? 8 Questions to Find Out

From thinking about a product or service, to potentially buying something in the future, to ultimately making a purchase can take time... It might take weeks, months, or even longer to consider an upgrade, what new features are available, researching reviews, and comparing products and prices before consumers actually complete a purchase. Consumers go through this process every time they make a purchase, and understanding where they are in the buyer's journey can help marketers to better understand their customers and how to speak to them at each stage.

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