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Weekly Roundup: Radio Dominates as the Top Reach Medium

Radio Dominates as the Top Reach MediumWhen it comes to reaching consumers in the car, on the go, and close to the point of purchase, radio dominates. Recent data shows that radio retains its dominance as the top reach medium and attracts a more diverse audience. And when you incorporate diversity reach into an integrated marketing strategy that combines radio, digital, and influencer marketing, you’ll see an exceptional ROI from your efforts. Learn more as you peruse our weekly roundup.

Research: Radio Dominates Ad-Supported Audio Across Locations 

Radio captures the majority of ad-supported audio listening across locations, connecting brands with attentive and captive audiences in the car, at home, and at work. New data shows AM/FM radio commands nine out of every 10 minutes spent with ad-supported audio in the car, 10-times as much listening as ad-supported streaming and podcasts combined. <<<READ MORE>>> 

 Media Audit: Podcasts Attract a Diversity of Latinx Americans 

As Nielsen data shows radio retaining its dominance as the top reach medium, it shares the menu of audio content with audio streaming services and podcasts. Together, they attract a more diverse audience to audio media to the benefit of all of them. 

A recent study found 58% of multicultural audiences are monthly podcast listeners and Latinx Americans were 12% more likely to be monthly listeners among multicultural consumers. <<<READ MORE>>> 

How Do You Reach the Multicultural Community Through Advertising? – Bonneville Bay Area 

The buying power of multicultural groups is increasing, so it's important to consider them when developing your marketing strategy. As of 2019, the buying power of multicultural groups made up a considerable share of the American economy, with Latinx communities accounting for $1.7 trillion, Asian Americans with $1.2 trillion, and Black Americans with $1.4 trillion. Those numbers have only increased. 

If you want to ensure your marketing strategy is inclusive and that your advertising speaks to everyone, the following tips will help you create successful campaigns that attract multicultural audiences. <<<READ MORE>>> 

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Steve DiNardo
With over two decades of experience in Bay Area marketing & media, Steve DiNardo has helped hundreds of local clients solve their marketing problems. His experience in multi-platform marketing includes the creation of iconic experiential, digital and traditional media properties.

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