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Weekly Roundup: Broadcast Radio, Digital Advertising, and Why Combining the Two Could Be Your Best Approach Yet

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Broadcast radio ad spend saw double-digit growth last year. And marketers are catching on to the fact that spreading their ad dollars around is the way to go. Digital video has exploded. As brands are looking to video to get their messages in front of more viewers, no screen is too big or small.

Check out our latest marketing insights in this week’s roundup of news from around the web.

National Advertisers Spend Nearly As Much On Digital Audio As Broadcast Radio, Analysis Shows. - Inside Radio

The gap between digital and AM/FM radio continues to close, at least when it comes to where national advertisers are placing their dollars. According to Standard Media Index, while both segments have seen double-digit growth during the past year, the rate digital advertising spending increased is triple the rate and is now approaching parity with broadcast radio in terms of national ad dollars. <<<Read More>>>

‘An Explosion in the Channel’: Why Marketers Are Giving Digital Video a  
Bigger Piece of the Advertising Pie – DigiDay

Advertisers have seemingly found promise in the small, silver screens of Hulu, Roku, and other ad-supported streaming services.

The digital advertising landscape has become increasingly crowded, expensive, and harder to measure, thanks to recent data privacy regulations. Cord-cutting continues to rise as people spend more time streaming content. All of the changes have pushed brands to look for alternative ways to get in front of consumers. <<<Read More>>>

6 Ways Radio Ads Boost Your Digital Marketing Efforts – Bonneville Bay Area

Successful business owners know that radio and digital marketing are powerful tools individually. However, when they are combined, they make the greatest impact on a marketing campaign, driving significant advertising results. Integrating radio and digital enables marketers to create powerful campaigns that produce an impressive ROI. Let's look at some benefits that illustrate why you should combine radio and digital marketing. <<<Read More>>>

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