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Weekly Roundup: Navigating Digital Marketing while Leveraging Traditional Media Ads

Navigating Digital Marketing while Leveraging Traditional Media Ads

If you’ve noticed that we talk a lot about combining radio and digital, there’s a good reason why: it works.  

As college football season gets underway, a new study finds that listeners are more likely to notice brands that advertise on the radio. Navigating the third-party cookie world is getting more nuanced, all the more reason to look for a partner that can stay on top of things. Discover this and more in our weekly roundup below.  

Survey: College Football Radio Listeners More Likely To Notice Brands That Advertise. - Inside Radio 

The start of the college football season is just a matter of days away and a new survey of fans finds that some of college football's biggest, most engaged, and most valuable fans tune into the action on AM/FM radio.  

The survey finds that college football radio listeners are more likely to consider themselves a “big fan” of the sport than the average fan by a 61% to 43% margin. Listeners to college games are also more likely to own team apparel and team paraphernalia such as flags, banners, and drinkware. 

Those data points may not be all that surprising given this group of college football aficionados are making the effort to listen to the game on the radio. But the survey also reveals some powerful evidence for why marketers should spend some of their ad budget with radio. READ MORE >>

Making Sense of Targeting without Third-Party Cookies - DigiDay 

Thanks to Google, making sense of a world without third-party cookies continues to be a challenge. And it’s hard to plan for the end when it’s so unclear when that will be.   

Really what the latest delay does is give more time for things to get confusing for marketers — especially when it comes to how to target people without those cookies. In other words, the already-crowded market for alternative ways to do this will only get more crowded.  

To separate the wheat from the chaff, here’s a primer on how the different alternatives are shaking out. There are exceptions and nuances, of course, but in general the alternatives tend to fall into one of three categories. READ MORE >> 

10 Questions to Ask Your Digital Provider – Bonneville Bay Area 

Digital marketing is a necessity today for successful marketing campaigns and business growth. Still, you need to do it right if you want to make the most of this potentially invaluable asset. It's important to find a digital marketing partner that can meet your specific needs. Here are ten questions to ask your digital ad provider to get the best results from your marketing efforts. READ MORE >> 

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Steve DiNardo
Steve DiNardo
With over two decades of experience in Bay Area marketing & media, Steve DiNardo has helped hundreds of local clients solve their marketing problems. His experience in multi-platform marketing includes the creation of iconic experiential, digital and traditional media properties.

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