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Meet the OG's of Influencer Marketing

Meet the OGs of Influencer MarketingRadio influencers have been around since 1906, when Reginald Fessenden, a Canadian voice, produced a one-hour talk show and music. Today, radio is uniquely personal and invokes listeners' imaginations by creating mental images around broadcast sound. Radio is the soundtrack to our lives, and creates an emotional connection that other advertising mediums simply cannot recreate.  

When you embark on a radio influencer marketing campaign, you are poised to pinpoint your target audience and increase engagement on a broad scale. 

Radio Influencers Have a Larger Audience 

Radio reaches 92% of American adults every week. Businesses that market goods or services through radio personalities position themselves to reach a targeted audience that is primed and ready to buy. Combining listening and social media audiences with integrated campaigns helps marketers extend radio’s already massive reach, netting incredible results. Integrated campaigns generate up to 20% greater ROI than utilizing one tactic alone.   

Consumers Listen to Radio Any Time 

People can listen to the radio at any time, be it during their daily commute or while performing duties like cleaning, gardening, or partying. This gives radio influencer marketing an advantage over other mediums. For example, a person cannot drive and read a magazine or newspaper, but it is possible to listen to the radio. 

Radio Is a Reflection of the Local Community 

More people listen to the radio for local news and entertainment. That’s why more people will tune in to a local radio station to know what's happening around them. Marketers can take advantage of radio's impact on the local community to advertise their businesses and reach more people. 

People from different cultures experience the world in different ways, including the way they experience your radio ads. If you want to tailor your campaign to a specific demographic, partnering with a local radio influencer to lend their voice to your brand can be a powerful way to reach a diverse market.   

Creates Top of Mind Awareness 

Radio audiences are highly engaged and trust what their favorite influencers have to say. Studies show that 83% of radio listeners trust the opinions of their favorite radio influencers, and that credibility extends to your brand; 77% would try a product recommended by them.  

Influencers that endorse your business live on the radio at the right time with the right call to action can not only create huge awareness for your brand, but can also move customers from the consideration to decision stage of the buyer’s journey. 

Radio Personalities the OG's of Influencer Marketing 

Radio influencer campaigns offer brands many advantages. Radio presenters and DJs reach a wider audience and have credibility with the audience that extends to your brand. Taking advantage of the availability, accessibility, and awareness of radio can help marketers build trust and connection with prospects. Partnering with a local media partner to identify the right influencer for your target audience is the first step to campaign success.  

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