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On-Air Influencer Spotlight: Freska

Radio personalities have a unique connection with their audiences. Listeners place a high level of trust in them, and they value their opinions as if they were friends or family. Partnering with someone who isn't part of your business but has a high trust factor with your target market increases confidence and credibility in your brand. A radio influencer can be a smart investment of your marketing dollars, as evidenced by a recent survey that showed 89% of respondents recognized a comparable or improved ROI with influencer marketing over other networks.

Introducing On-Air Influencer Freska

Bonneville_InfluencerPhoto_030220_0004_FreskaFreska is a Bay Area native that many listeners will recognize from 96.5 KOIT and 98.5 KFOX. She has spent her entire career in the Bay Area working with a wide variety of clients. Freska's loyal following knows that she is a single mother, dog mom, and cancer survivor. Her very relatable story and her infectious zest for life resonates and allows her to connect with her audience. 

Because she is so accessible to her fans through speaking engagements and community activities, Freska has extended her already substantial reach. That scope gives her an impressive ability to inspire and influence numerous listeners that could be your future customers. It's no wonder that she is in high demand for a variety of marketing efforts. A look at some of her many campaigns shows how she successfully influenced the outcomes.

Marketing Campaigns

Marketers say that ongoing ambassadorships are the most effective form of influencer marketing, despite the fact that just over half of influencers say that brands don't approach relationships with this in mind. Our campaigns recognize and incorporate the far-reaching impact of how on-air influencers like Freska can spell success for brands. These campaign highlights are just a sample of how Freska has made a difference for the retailers in the Bay Area.

Westfield Valley Fair Mall on KOIT

Marketing Objective: To increase public awareness of the shopping area and invite residents of the Bay Area to the outdoor mall event held every weekend from Friday through Sunday.

Solution: An integrated approach of radio and social media in a two-week campaign. Freska's endorsement spoke to her engaged, loyal listeners while our social media posts leveraged the massive reach of radio combined with social media.


  • Freska's social posts averaged a reach of over 30,000!
  • Her top social post reached over 40,000.
  • Total impressions between social and radio were 782,426. To put it into perspective, that is like filling Oracle Park, home of the Giants, over 18 times! 

Ghirardelli Square on KOIT

Marketing Objective: To drive awareness of Ghirardelli Square among local San Francisco residents and families and encourage them to visit. 

Solution: Using the powerful combination of targeted display ads with retargeting and social media endorsements with on-air influencer Freska on KOIT and Fernando on KMVQ, we reached out to Ghirardelli's target audience to encourage them to see what the square had to offer. 


  • Delivered 1.3 million impressions for the display campaign and over 926,000 impressions from the geofencing campaign. 
  • Reached 115,607 people with the social campaign with 10,503 engagements.
  • Reached 53,861 with 5,303 engagements from Freska's social posts alone. That's almost half of the entire social campaign!
  • Imagine how many people it would take to fill Oracle Park over 55 times. That equals 2,342,270, the amount of the total campaign impressions!

CommonWealth Credit Union on KFOX

Marketing Objective: To highlight the variety of financial education programs that CommonWealth Central Credit Union has to help educate the community and why they are important. 

Solution: We used a highly effective integrated strategy of social media posts, station newsletters, social endorsement videos, and an online contest with lead generation. The Fin Lit Challenge gave competitors the chance to win $500 by testing their financial literacy in a brief monthly quiz. Freska did two social videos per month, interviewing CommonWealth representatives and discussing the current quiz. 


  • In the one-month average for November 2020, social videos reached 70,394 with 1,000 engagements.
  • Social posts driving traffic to the contests reached 14,609.
  • Reached an open rate of 16% from the KFOX newsletter.
  • An amazing 51,706 people watched Freska's video interview, with 422 engagements and 385 link clicks!
  • 92,067 impressions or over two full crowds at Oracle Park for the month of November only!
  • The annualized potential impressions for the yearly campaign are projected to reach an astounding 1,104,804.

Reach Your Marketing Goals With an On-Air Influencer 

The influencer marketing industry is growing rapidly. It is expected to reach $15 billion by 2022, an $8 billion increase over 2019. Leveraging the 49% of customers who act on influencers' endorsements on broadcast and digital drives results for Bay Area marketers.

When you are ready to take your marketing strategy to the next level, work with a media partner that can match you to the right influencer for your target audience. 

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Jenny Butynski
Jenny Butynski
An experienced event manager with broadcast and promotions experience, Jenny Butynski designs creative solutions to solve our client’s marketing problems. Her combined experience of on-air talent, event manager, and promotions director help bridge the gap between clients and on-air and promotions to ensure that ideas are tailored, solution-based, and successfully executed.

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