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3 Personal Injury Marketing Tactics that will Boost Your Reputation

3 Personal Injury Marketing Tactics that will Boost Your Reputation

Marketing a personal injury firm is not as straightforward as marketing other services. You can spend thousands of dollars promoting your law firm and getting plenty of leads, yet only a handful convert. Besides, fewer people need personal injury litigation services than other specialized firms. It's a stiff competition for a relatively smaller market. You need results-focused personal injury marketing tactics to win over your competition and get more clients. You can also effortlessly reach your target market online to boost your reputation and increase your client base.  

Here are some practical tactics for successful digital marketing campaigns. 

1. Combine Traditional and Digital Channels 

Combining traditional and digital marketing media can bolster your marketing strategy. The best approach is to use long-established advertising methods (billboards, radio campaigns, and TV) to create awareness and then focus on digital marketing to generate leads.  

Traditional marketing media are effective in reaching the masses. For instance, you can have a billboard installed along the highway and major roads. Any motorist using the road sees your billboard. It's the same case with radio and TV ads. These media have the potential of reaching millions of people. But what do you do after creating the awareness? 

That's where digital marketing comes in. Leverage digital media channels, such as creating a website, landing pages, blogs, social media, email, and paid ads to nurture your target clients to the next phase of the customer journey. Digital platforms enable them to gather more insights about your services and your value proposition in solving their personal injury cases. As a result, you get more leads and increased conversion rates.  

2. Embrace Video Advertising  

You might have a personal injury website, updated online content, robust SEO practices, and a strong social media presence, but these are strategies that your competitors also use. Video marketing is an effective means of differentiating your legal practice. Creating video content for marketing provides a surefire way of providing information about your law firm, your services, and the value you offer your clients.  

Ninety-two percent of marketers say that they use video as a critical component of their marketing strategy. Eighty-six percent confirm that video is an effective way of generating leads. It makes sense, considering videos can impact your target audience in a more strategic and influential manner to increase engagement.  

For instance, you can use ad-based OTT channels to deliver online video streaming. Connected TV (CTV) advertising lets you create videos, banner ads, and sponsored content that run during commercial interruptions.  

With OTT, you have the freedom to choose how and when to air your videos to target specific demographics. Hulu is a good example of an ad-sponsored OTT channel, where you can run video marketing content over the internet.  

3. Engage on Social Media 

Social media and social networks have changed the way people connect with each other and how marketers reach out to their target audience. In 2021, there 4.48 billion active social media users worldwide. It’s likely that most of your target clients are on social media.  

Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube have the potential to change consumer behavior. You can maximize that to further your marketing campaigns. These websites allow personal injury firms to use a mix of marketing tactics to promote online content and increase engagement.  

Most of them allow marketers to create paid ads and customize their campaigns based on various demographics to target a specific audience. And they offer ad analytics and reports, showing you how your campaign performs across various metrics.  

The following marketing secrets can help you run successful social media marketing campaigns: 

Be authentic 

Individuals and companies only show the highlights – curated and filtered content – on their social media accounts. It's easy to get caught up in the filter frenzy, but that won't portray your brand for what it is. Creating a real social media presence is critical. Post real content that reflects your firm's personality and DNA.  

Post your videos 

You can complement your OTT advertising with social media videos to engage your audience on another level and get them to interact with the post. That boosts engagement levels and brand association – which increases by 139% after an individual watches a video. Videos are a critical tool for lead generation.  

Capitalize on influencer marketing  

Influencer marketing is a reliable marketing strategy, enabling you to tap into the trust that people place on celebrities and social media influencers. You can partner with a radio influencer to have them post your services to their followers on social media, who will take note and transfer their trust to your brand.  

Create Winning Marketing Strategies 

Personal injury marketing requires a strategic approach to attract clients and increase your sales. Fortunately, traditional marketing tools are still viable in the personal injury sector. You can leverage them to create awareness about your law offices and combine that with digital marketing channels to take your target clients to the next stage of their consumer journey. 

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Steve DiNardo
Steve DiNardo
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