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On-air Influencer Spotlight Info: Chris Jackson


Today's research shows that it would be a colossal mistake to overlook local influencers when advertising your brand. Using a radio influencer can help you reach your desired marketing objective, especially when you choose one that resonates with the Bay Area audience you intend to reach.

When done correctly, there are many reasons to choose influencer marketing:

  • 1 in 2 radio listeners have a favorite radio personality   
  • 9 in 10 radio listeners know personal details about their favorite on-air personality   
  • 81% consider DJs a friend, family member, or acquaintance
  • 59% Follow their favorite radio personality on social media
  • 83% of radio listeners value and trust their favorite personality's opinions
  • 77% would try a brand recommended by their favorite radio personality
  • 78% talk to friends about what they hear from their favorite personality

Don't just take the word of the general research, though. Here is a real-world example of what influencer marketing has done for brands that partnered with on-air influencer Chris Jackson. His magnetism and strong connection/relationship with Bay Area residents have brought brands closer to their consumers in a way that associates them with the same trust and credibility listers have for their favorite host.  

Presenting On-Air Influencer Chris Jackson  

From 6 am to 9 am on weekdays, Chris Jackson joins his listeners on KFOX as the station's first DJ, introducing the most entertaining and lively few hours of the day. It's how most Bay Area residents start their morning, and Chris' favorite way to start his.

Chris loves what he does and where here does it. He was born and raised in San Jose and raised his son and daughter here as well. He has a rich history in the South Bay, spending his whole life in either San Jose, Milpitas, or Campbell. He's not shy about his favorite South Bay restaurant — El Burro in Campbell (although it has officially closed) — and listeners love hearing about his other local favorites.

KFOX listeners enjoy the energy and personality Chris brings to the station, playing his guitar for listeners and chatting about his passions and life. Not only is he an avid AC/DC fan, but he once played lead guitar and keys in local bands like Hot Ice, Starrider, Alibi, and 3 Dicks & A Jane at South Bay clubs. He's a person listeners have found that they can relate to trust for recommendations in the Bay Area. 

Campaign Highlights  

Chris has been a successful influencer for many brands over the years, bringing companies and consumers closer than ever. Through his substantial trust and credibility, the following brands met their objectives and built relationships with their target audience (KFOX listeners!).  

Mighty Mite Termite 

Mighty Mite Termite offers termite exterminating services in San Jose, Alameda, Santa Cruz, San Mateo, and Monterey counties. Their partnership with Chris has allowed them to grow as a business and continue expanding in the area as a top-rated extermination company.

Marketing objectives: Chris has been endorsing Mighty Mite termite for years. They rely on his creativity to set their message apart from other companies in their industry, with KFOX listeners.

Solution: Chris does a mix of live endorsement reads and regular commercials for Mighty Mite. His live reads are entertaining, informative, and unique. In one month, Mighty Mite's robust on-air schedule reaches over 1,635,000 South Bay listeners on 98.5 KFOX. That would fill SAP Center (where the San Jose Sharks play) over 93 times!  

CommonWealth Central Credit Union  

CommonWealth Central Credit Union offers various financial services to Bay Area residents, ranging from online and mobile banking to mortgage and auto loans. With the help of Chris and KFOX, the financial company has successfully made an impression on KFOX listeners and reached its marketing campaign goals.

Marketing Objective: To highlight financial education and the variety of programs that CommonWealth Central Credit Union has to help educate the community.

Solution: Chris’ endorsements were part of a highly effective integrated strategy of social media posts, station newsletters, social endorsement videos, and an online contest with lead generation. The Fin Lit Challenge gave competitors the chance to win $100 by testing their financial literacy in a brief monthly quiz. Chris did two social videos per month, interviewing CommonWealth representatives and discussing the current quiz.

One-Month Results:  

  • Chris Jackson's social media posts reached 22,390 people with 918 clicks!
  • The Fin Lit Challenge garnered over 90 leads for the client!
  • Overall impressions for the August campaign were 218,073, which would fill the SAP center over 12 times!  

Influencer Marketing Drives Sales for Bay Area Marketers 

By now, there's no denying that influencer marketing using broadcast and digital drives results for Bay Area marketers. It has even been proven to be the top marketing method for advertising. In fact, 89% said ROI from influencer marketing was comparable to or better than other networks. The key to success with influencer marketing is to work with a media partner that can match you to the right influencer for your target audience.

Bonneville Bay Area can ensure you're delivering the right message to the right people at the right time!

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Jenny Butynski
Jenny Butynski
An experienced event manager with broadcast and promotions experience, Jenny Butynski designs creative solutions to solve our client’s marketing problems. Her combined experience of on-air talent, event manager, and promotions director help bridge the gap between clients and on-air and promotions to ensure that ideas are tailored, solution-based, and successfully executed.

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