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Weekly Roundup: How to Identify Your Target Audience

Untitled design - 2022-11-11T112420.903It's easy to put off the task of defining your target audience but the effects can be detrimental.  Below is a roundup of articles that will help you identify your audience, how to reach them, and how to get them to convert into a paying customer.

Three Ways To Redefine Your Customer Experience Strategy - Forbes

For businesses across all industries, scaling revenue growth is the ultimate goal, and no business initiative directly influences this more than the customer experience strategy. I’ve found an effective CX strategy can help drive traffic, scale the business and increase customer loyalty and retention.


As CEO of a marketing software and automation company, my responsibilities include leading our company into new growth areas. From my experience, company growth is driven by a CX strategy. A solid strategy can not only help you scale your business but also empower customers and incentivize them to stay loyal to your brand.


8 Steps to Finding Your Target Audience in 2022 – paved blog

As a skilled marketer, you know that finding your target audience is a pivotal step in expanding your business. Since it’s impossible to appeal to everyone, identifying a specific group of ideal customers will help narrow your marketing efforts.

However, building a target audience isn’t quite as easy as it sounds. On one hand, if your niche is too small, your business will quickly reach its maximum limit. At the same time, trying to capture too broad of a market will make it difficult to meet any of your customer’s specific needs.

If you’re having trouble pinning down the right audience for your brand, look no further. Let’s talk about how to start getting in front of qualified leads by identifying your target audience. >> READ MORE 

What Does it Mean to Reach the Right Person at the Right Time? – Bonneville Bay Area  

Advertising new home sales to someone who recently bought a home or a new car to someone that just bought one is unlikely to give brands the results they want. These ads miss the importance of reaching the right person at the right time in the buying journey.  

Consumers receive and respond better when the marketing of products and services is most relevant to their current life experiences and needs. For example, someone who just bought a home may be considering home insurance or new furniture. However, someone who has owned a home for many years may be looking to  remodel. Those consumers' behaviors will be different. 

By taking the buyer's journey into consideration, brands are able to create advertisements that speak to their target audience's needs, with the right message at the right time. >> READ MORE 

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Sarah Burkhart
Sarah Burkhart
Sarah is the Sales Marketing Specialist at Bonneville Bay Area. She is passionate about client success and cultivating effective campaigns.

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