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Weekly Roundup: Our Top Blog Posts Of 2022

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In this week's weekly roundup we will "roundup" the year with some of our most popular blog posts. If you have ever questioned what the most effective way to identify your customer needs is, or what's the difference between reach and impressions... read below. 

10 Reasons Radio is More Relevant Than Ever - Bonneville Bay Area

As advertising trends have evolved over time, radio has remained one of the most effective ways to reach both new and existing customers. Radio continues to be a leading advertising medium for many reasons. With a wide reach and immediate delivery, radio allows businesses to get their message in front of targeted, yet large audiences. Not only has radio proven itself to be a powerful tool for advertising, it’s also a great way to reach existing customers with important information and updates during the pandemic. With 83.3% of the Bay Area listening to the radio each week, it’s as much, or more, during the current COVID-19 crisis (according to a recent report from Neilson). Radio is an important platform to keep current and potential customers up-to-date on how they can access your products and services during this important time.

Here are 10 reasons why radio is more relevant than ever, with some suggestions on how best to utilize radio during the pandemic. READ MORE


Effective Ways to Identify and Meet Consumer Needs - Bonneville Bay Area

Research shows that customer-centric organizations are 60 percent more profitable than those who lack significant customer focus. By focusing on customer needs, businesses build a solid customer base that helps maintain and promote sales. They must know the needs of their customers in order to meet them successfully. Below, we provide more information about customer needs, their importance, and effective ways for businesses and marketers to identify and meet them. READ MORE

25 Questions to Ask Your Target Audience for Better Marketing Results  - Bonneville Bay Area

If you want to learn about your target audience, one of the best ways is to ask them. Your current and potential customers can reveal a wealth of information about what they want and how they perceive your products and your marketing. Increasing your brand awareness leads to increased engagement and ultimatelyto new business growth.  READ MORE



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Sarah Burkhart
Sarah Burkhart
Sarah is the Sales Marketing Specialist at Bonneville Bay Area. She is deeply passionate about crafting campaigns that resonate with clients and drive results, always striving to stay ahead of the curve.

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