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On-Air Influencer Spotlight: Fernando

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Influencer marketing using broadcast and digital drives impressive results for Bay Area marketers. Eighty-nine percent of marketers surveyed reported that they realized the same or better ROI from influencer marketing as compared to other platforms. That is attributable to 49% of customers that rely on recommendations of influencers to make purchasing decisions. 

Radio announcers were the original influencers. Today, it’s apparent that radio personalities still have a loyal following. Eighty-one percent consider the suggestions of a DJ as they would a friend, family member, or acquaintance. And 59% follow their favorite radio influencer on social media. The numbers make a compelling case: using an on-air influencer can help you reach your desired marketing objective. Next, we'll look at how a Bay Area radio influencer is helping businesses reach their goals. 

Introducing Fernando 

Fernando scored his first big break with a radio internship in his hometown of Philadelphia at the age of 19. He then went on to work all over the United States. However, he couldn't resist the siren song of the Bay Area he calls home. He enjoys many activities in San Francisco, but none more than cycling.  

He's completed three 100-mile bike rides, and his goal is to do many more. He also keeps fit with weight workouts and running. However, life is all about balance, and he still enjoys his favorite foods, like Mission burritos and Super Duper Burger. Fernando also enjoys the delicious restaurants around the area, as well as the wines from Sonoma and Napa Counties.  

When he's not working out, Fernando and his husband Jeremy love to travel. They spend a lot of their time fondly remembering past trips, planning for future ones, or en-route to a new destination. He loves his listeners on 99.7 NOW and wants to thank them for joining him every day from 10a to 3p. Those loyal listeners help propel the success of Fernando's campaigns for Bay Area businesses.  

Campaign Spotlights 

Fernando is in high demand as a Bay Area radio influencer. His reach and influence can best be explained by looking at some of his recent campaigns.  

Ghirardelli Square on KOIT 

Marketing Objective: Ghirardelli Square on Fisherman's Wharf is highly popular with tourists. Management wanted to bring more awareness to local residents about their attractions while promoting foot traffic to the square among local San Francisco families.  

Solution: Targeted display ads with retargeting combined with social media endorsements from Freska on KOIT and Fernando on KMVQ were used to reach Ghirardelli's target audience. Using a top on-air influencer was an effective way to encourage them to check out the square.  


  • The display campaign produced over 1.3 million impressions, while the geofencing campaign delivered over 926,000 impressions. 
  • The highly effective social campaign resulted in reaching 115,607 people with 10,503 engagements.   
  • Fernando's social posts alone reached over 63,000 people!   
  • His top-ranking Facebook video impacted 35,593 people with 2,747 engagements and 2,461 clicks.  
  • The total impressions from this campaign were 2,342,270. That would fill Oracle Park over 55 times!  

A Bay Area Home Improvement Store on KMVQ  

Marketing Objective: A Bay Area home improvement store wanted to promote the fall grand opening of their new location. The feature of the grand opening was their one-of-a-kind pro services department. They wanted to show customers how they could make an appointment with a professional designer for advice and guidance before experiencing the ease and convenience of picking out their products for their new bathroom or kitchen remodel. 

Solution: Fernando did a fantastic job on this campaign. He engaged his listeners by explaining his own remodeling journey using on-air endorsements and social media posts. Fernando documented his experience working with his professional designer, Mary, explaining how he was able to pick out the flooring for his kitchen remodel with her guidance. He encouraged his followers to vote for their favorites from the potential picks while promoting the store's safe shopping practices. 


  • Fernando reached 70,239 people resulting in 7,441 post clicks with only four social media posts. 
  • His top-ranking post impacted 25,515 people.  
  • Fernando proved again that he is a master at engaging his audience when he took his KMVQ listeners on his kitchen remodeling journey. He had them shop with him, vote on his kitchen tile, updated them on the winning option, and swept them up into his experience. 

Broadcast and Digital Influencer Marketing Drives Results for Bay Area Marketers 

Few marketing combinations are as measurably effective as a radio broadcast and digital. Bay Area businesses depend upon influencers to reach their target audience, improve their brand recognition, and educate the customers on their products and service offerings. With an on-air influencer, you can reach more of your target customers on multiple platforms by leveraging their social following. Work with a media partner to match you to the right influencer for your target audience.  


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