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Data Analytics: How Bonneville Bay Area Uses Data When Designing Digital Marketing Campaigns

Data Analytics: How Bonneville Bay Area Uses Data When Designing Digital Marketing Campaigns

Data drives business. However, simply having access to information doesn't give you actionable insight. There is a wealth of marketing data available, but the difference between a successful campaign and one that never takes flight is in data analytics.   


Bonneville Bay Area leverages the power of data analytics to design digital marketing campaigns for its clients. Let's look into why gathering the right data, having the expertise to understand what it reveals, and understanding how to leverage those insights for digital marketing campaigns are key differentiators for success. 

Why Data and Analytics Are Important in All Phases of a Digital Marketing Campaign 

Data plays a pivotal role in all phases of efficient digital marketing campaigns.  

  • Set-up - A digital marketing campaign starts with knowing who your ideal customer is, where they spend their time, and what motivates them. Data analysis helps you target the right audience right out of the gate. Proper setup of your digital campaign also provides the right kind of data to understand how your data is performing.
  • Execution - Depending upon your target demographics, some channels may be more effective for reaching your audience than others. You don't want to waste your budget where it doesn't produce a positive ROI. Data analysis helps you understand how to allocate limited resources to the right mix of digital marketing channels  
  • Optimization - Understanding how your campaign is performing lets you make incremental changes that can improve the outcome. However, the analytics aren’t only relevant for optimizing your current campaign. Digital marketing comes with data sets that inform future executions.  
  • Attribution - An important part of measuring the effectiveness of your campaign and setting your future campaigns up for success is knowing which channels drive the most conversion. Understanding outcomes is key to providing accurate ROAS/ROI metrics.  

Data Analysis for Digital Campaigns Solves Common Business Challenges   

One of the most common laments we hear from clients is, "I know I can do more with my company's data. I just don't have the knowledge,  resources, or bandwidth to do so." Many companies experience FOMO on the Big Data revolution and don't want to be left behind. Bonneville Bay Area solves that problem by unlocking consumer insights from customer records, providing a head start on the competition by understanding more about your target audience before kicking off the campaign. You can think of it as optimizing campaigns before they even begin.   

Audience In Motion has invested in Big Data solutions allowing smaller companies with fewer resources the ability to compete with larger companies. But collecting data for the sake of having it is a mistake many companies make. They then find themselves drowning in a sea of information that they don't know how to disseminate. 

It is absolutely vital that you set your campaign goals and identify key performance metrics during the planning phase. That allows you to have a clear roadmap for which data to collect and how to analyze it so you know where your opportunities and successes lie. This is a process that you'll repeat throughout your campaign.  


BBA uses data to design digital marketing campaigns by leveraging the following:

  • 1st Party data (P1) sources include deep-dive analyses of website visitor traffic and customer records stored in CRM platforms.  
  • All customers are valuable, though admittedly, some have more impact than others. P1 data analyses not only identify a business's most valuable customers but also reveals media consumption habits (how they spend their digital day), brand affinity, and personal values or motivations that drive their consumer decisions. These insights enable segmented messaging to multiple audience personas with a single campaign.  
  • Unlock hidden consumer intelligence in CRM data.  
  • Transform website visitor data into insights that drive action, growth, and revenue that translate to greater ROI.  

Data Is Only as Good As Your Ability to Leverage It to Reach and Influence Your Customers 

Big Data has revolutionized businesses in the years since it was introduced by changing how we view, reach, influence, and interact with consumers. With the right tools, techniques, technology, expertise, and experience, consumer data can tell you the story of how your ideal customers search for goods and services and what makes them decide on one over another. It lets you see where they spend their time, what motivates them, and how to engage them. In short, data analytics is the key to gaining a competitive advantage.  


Bonneville Bay Area can help local businesses meet these challenges: 

Without the right resources, data can quickly overwhelm those that aren't experienced in analytics. It can be like searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack, or worse, doing it without knowing that you are searching for a needle instead of a thumbtack. When you want to increase your marketing success and maximize the return on your marketing spend, you need to hit the ground running. Working with an experienced media partner puts you on the fast track to analyzing your data and reaching your campaign goals.  

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Peter Hottenstein
Peter Hottenstein
Peter’s depth of experience in the digital media space spans two decades. His love of data and knowledge of analytics allows Peter to develop solution-based campaigns and optimize them along the way.

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