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Weekly Roundup: Increase Brand Recognition with Audio Ads, Influencer Marketing Budgets Are on the Rise, plus Where Your Last Radio Ad Went Wrong and How to Fix It

Weekly Roundup- Increase Brand Recognition with Audio Ads, Influencer Marketing Budgets Are on the Rise, plus Where Your Last Radio Ad Went Wrong and How to Fix It


In 2020, 83% of Americans ages 12 or older listened to radio in a given week. What does this mean for your marketing? Here we explore how to increase brand recognition in audio advertising, booming influencer marketing budgets, and where your last radio ad may have gone wrong—plus how to fix it. 

'Say My Name': How To Increase Brand Recognition In Audio Advertising – MediaPost 

 With the explosion of podcasting and voice shopping, audio branding has become increasingly important. Brands need to think about how they present themselves via audio with the same intensity and attention they pay to their physical, online, and social media branding. 

When they do, they’ll find one fundamental rule: If you want to create a strong audio logo, you have to say your own name. <<<Read More>>> 


Cue The Host-Read Ads. Forecast Says Influencer Marketing Budgets Are Rapidly Growing. - Inside Radio 

Host-read ads are poised to grow as influencer marketing budgets continue to expand. The segment is projected to grow 33.6% to reach $3.69 billion in 2021, more than twice the 14.4% increase the segment experienced last year.  

As audio influencers have grown, so have their brand extensions, reaching out to digital platforms such as Instagram and Tik Tok where advertisers can now take advantage of a 360-degree campaign approach with their partners. <<<Read More>>> 


So Your Last Radio Ad Didn't Work? Here's Where You May Have Gone Wrong & How to Fix It – Bonneville Bay Area 

There are a number of potential problems that could derail a radio ad's effectiveness and lead to a big letdown. The good news is, all of these problems are fixable, given sufficient knowledge and the right tools. Here we explore three basic problems that radio advertisers have to deal with, and how you can address them. <<<Read More>>> 


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Steve DiNardo
Steve DiNardo
With over two decades of experience in Bay Area marketing & media, Steve DiNardo has helped hundreds of local clients solve their marketing problems. His experience in multi-platform marketing includes the creation of iconic experiential, digital and traditional media properties.

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