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The Secret to Getting High-End Remodeling Leads

shutterstock_1875530488Even as the home renovation market booms, it can be challenging to acquire high-end remodeling projects that will naturally net bigger profit margins. Decades ago, all you needed was an ad on the radio or even word of mouth to attract customers. Now that there's so much more competition, integrating digital advertising into your marketing mix is a must.

The Most Essential Digital Tools for Home Improvement Companies

To garner the most profitable leads, you'll need to invest in the latest (and sometimes expensive!) marketing tools. For example, hiring a professional to build a website for your brand could cost anywhere between $1,000-$6,000. It might seem like a huge purchase, but a digital presence is essential in today's advertising world.

If you don't have a website, you absolutely need a social media page. Nowadays, customers go on social media first to research new products and services. Organic searches on social media can bring customers your away, but you can also laser-focus specific demographics with paid ads.

Social media is also a good place to flex your customer service expertise and build positive customer relations. After a positive social media interaction with a brand, 71% of users will recommend that brand to others!

Once you have a steady flow of customers, it's important to keep them interested with email marketing. These emails can include information about new products, special services, or even just current home improvement trends.  

For Best Results, Use a Digital Marketing Partner  

Optimized websites, popular social media accounts, and email marketing can all successfully promote your home improvement business. However, if you can't use these tools effectively, it's the same as throwing your advertising budget away! To avoid that, many advertisers will spend weeks (or even months) researching the best digital marketing practices. This causes them to neglect their businesses as a result.

The better solution is to hire qualified experts to handle your marketing campaigns. Try looking at it from your audience's perspective: would a high-end lead spend money on an unlicensed home improvement company? Similarly, would you allow someone on your team with no web design experience to create an effective webpage? A marketing partner uses common digital tools to pinpoint high-end leads and incentivizes them to hire your company. 

Investing in Digital Marketing Agencies Yields Excellent ROI 

Essentially, digital marketing agencies are designed to earn as much money as possible for advertisers. Your ROI will always be higher when you work with these partners because they are experts at what they do. They know which techniques are most likely to resonate with your target the first time, without as much trial and error. Additionally, they're always up-to-date with the latest advertising trends in any industry.

The digital marketing tools that really measure your campaign's success are often difficult for most advertisers to master. For example, you can't track your goals without tried-and-true analytics software and reporting. Even if you have a basic understanding of these programs, how do you know which one works best? Digital marketing partners will do the work for you by choosing the software and closely monitoring the results.

Home improvement experts have seen first-hand what disasters can happen when someone attempts a DIY remodel with no prior experience. You don't get the results that you want, plus you lose a lot of time and money. With a digital marketing partner, you can avoid many common digital advertising pitfalls and attract high-end leads faster. 

The Longterm Benefits of Digital Marketing Partners for Home Improvement Companies 

Digital tactics can attract the most profitable leads, but a DIY approach could cause problems. With a digital marketing partner's expertise, all of your future campaigns will be more successful. That's because these professionals will track your campaign's analytics and make consistent improvements. With your digital advertising needs in good hands, you can focus on your business and build stronger relationships with your customers.

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