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Creative Ways to Stay Top of Mind During a Seasonal Lull

Creative Ways to Stay Top of Mind During a Seasonal LullFor businesses to stay top of mind year-round, it’s important to consistently market to your target audience - even during the quiet months. Rather than becoming lax over a seasonal lull, it’s an opportune time to evaluate current strategies and refocus your message to attract leads. Marketing in 2021 may need to be more aggressive to retain consumers’ attention. This translates to being more creative with marketing efforts.

Here are a few creative techniques for remaining at the forefront of customers' minds, not just during the high season, but throughout the year.

Deliver Compelling and Consistent Branding

To attract potential buyers’ attention, marketers must invest time and resources to create exciting and relevant content that has the potential to result in conversion. Branding efforts must remain consistent across all platforms to build a strong identity. Statistics show that brands that present consistently can expect an increase in revenue of approximately 23%

In addition to fostering engagement, attention to detail marks your brand as one that can be trusted. Loyal customer relationships are based on consistent, authentic interaction. Use seasonal downtimes to reinforce your commitment to your audience.

Stay Connected on Social

Social media presence has become a cornerstone of engagement for many businesses. It's essential to identify the preferred channels used by the target audience and focus on social content on those platforms. Brands that consumers can relate to are seen as those that care about their customers. A strong social presence is not only an opportunity to share information with the audience; it is a chance to hear what they are saying as well.

Social media channels provide a simple and cost-effective avenue for reaching out to potential customers. Failure to take advantage of it translates to lost sales.  

Use Influencer Marketing to Make an Impact

Influencer marketing depends on the endorsement of individuals who have built a loyal following online to influence buyers in making purchasing decisions. Radio influencers are trusted personalities that have been part of consumers' lives, oftentimes for many years. They also tend to have massive social media followings relevant to your local area.  

Ninety-one percent of millennials trust influencers as much or more than family and friends. In comparison, 90% of all marketers say the ROI from influencer marketing is comparable to or better than other forms of marketing. An influencer can help your brand to make a more significant impact.

Deploy a Digital Marketing Campaign With Fresh Creative

A digital marketing strategy using fresh content can do wonders to revive a stagnant marketing campaign. Rethinking color schemes and graphic elements on your company’s website can help your brand attract and engage customers. A strong, consistent message presented across all digital platforms is necessary to help consumers recognize your business.  

91% of Millenials trust influencers as much or more than family and friends.

Reach More Customers By Retargeting Ads

To get the most from your marketing campaigns, you should retarget ads using programmatic ad retargeting. In a retargeting campaign, ads will appear in front of consumers who have previously visited your website but did not take action. A seasonal lull is a perfect time to encourage potential customers to return to your website using retargeting.

Integrate Radio and Digital Ads 

Radio and digital ads are a good addition to your marketing strategy. The best way to reach your target audience is to provide them with information they want in the manner they prefer to receive it. Your marketing must reach customers where they are in the buyer's journey to have the most significant impact.

Radio advertising is still one of the best ways to do that. When used in conjunction with a digital campaign, the reach is compounded. 

Get Professional Help 

Awareness is the key to brand success at all times of the year. Wise steps taken during a slow time will pay off when the market heats up in 6-12 weeks. Working with a media partner to develop a creative marketing plan now can make all the difference in 2021.

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