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Best Practices for Influencer Campaigns

shutterstock_324338930When many people think of influencers, the first platform that comes to mind is social media. However, the massive appeal, reach, and influence of popular radio hosts is still a powerful way to connect with your target audience. Fifty-eight percent of listeners tune in to a station for the talent, and 80% say that they would try a product their favorite radio host suggested. It's not only beloved hosts like Ryan Seacrest, Delilah, or Howard Stern that can instantly propel a brand to an entirely new level of recognition - local influencers have been doing it for years as well, combining radio and social media.

A radio host endorsement is typically more conversational and may involve personal anecdotes about their experience with the brand and why they believe in it. For listeners, it comes off as more credible. Twenty-eight percent of radio listeners have tuned in to their favorite station for over ten years, so they trust the hosts' recommendations like they would a friend or family member. Radio advertising can deliver an ROI of $12 for every $1 spent

Let's look at some influencer campaign best practices to ensure that you get the most out of your marketing spend.   

Pick a Station That Reaches Your Desired Target Consumer

If you are a new or small business, choosing local radio influencers may be the most effective strategy to reach their many loyal listeners. The ideal station format depends upon the demographic you’re targeting. If you want to tailor your ads to a specific demographic, you must consider things like age, socioeconomic status, and cultural nuances during the process. Pay attention to the demographics of listeners where you advertise, and make sure you’re working with an influencer that can speak to their needs. 

Be Consistent With Your Radio Influencer Marketing - Long-Term Campaigns Deliver Strong ROI

The key to strong ROI from your marketing campaigns is long-term marketing that delivers sustainable growth. Consistency over the long-term worked for Apple with mobile phones. While many other brands have equally good or better features than the iPhone, Apple has spent years differentiating itself as THE smartphone to buy. It’s working, as Apple iPhone set an all-time sales record in Q4 2020.

Combine Your Influencer's On-Air Elements With Station-Branded Social Posts for Maximum Impact

One of the best ways to extend your brand's reach and deliver an effective, impactful message is with a radio influencer. Advertisers gain even more advantage when you consider the effect of the influencer's radio audience combined with their social media followers. Big brands have long leveraged influencers on radio and other marketing channels to get the most out of their marketing investment. It not only helps consumers with brand recognition but also reinforces their brand story through the connections of the trusted influencer.

Have the Radio Host Mention a Trackable Promo Code for Making an Online Purchase

One of the easiest ways to measure the ROI of a radio influencer campaign is to have them mention unique discount codes that listeners can use for online purchases. The discount entices the listener, and you can track their purchases directly to your host. An example is author Tim Ferriss who speaks about his Audible partnership in 30 and 60 second spots. He then invites listeners to visit his custom URL to get a free ebook. 

Avoid Overly Scripted Messaging

Consistency and a genuine voice are the most important elements of effective influencer messages. Listeners trust the host to be authentic, so an overly scripted, "salesy" message won't be effective; it can erode the trust listeners extend to the host. The best tactic is to let the influencer use their unique voice that has been proven to resonate with the audience. Once you provide the key points you want to be covered, give them the artistic freedom to reach their listeners in an authentic way.

Utilize Broadcasters' Attribution Software To Measure Lift in Web Visits From On-Air Messages

Measuring your website visitor lift is an indicator of the radio influencer's ability to create awareness and interest in your brand among their listeners. Performed effectively, attribution allows you to reach your target customer at the right time and with the right message, resulting in higher conversions and increased marketing ROI. Since virtually every major broadcaster in the United States uses attribution software, leverage what they already have to measure lift and conversions attributable to your influencer campaign. 

Achieve Your Goals With Radio Influencer Campaigns

Working with a radio influencer is an extremely effective way to increase your reach and attract your target audience. Leveraging the host's loyal audience isn't just limited to listeners but extends to their social media following, as well. Their audience already trusts this person as a friend or family member, so their recommendations carry the same weight. When you are ready to embark on the ideal influencer campaign, work with an experienced media partner with access to local radio influencers who can reach your target audience and help implement the best practices for measuring results.


George Flora
George Flora
Small, mid-level and large market experience provide George with the framework to address "real world" challenges and opportunities. His optimism and candor combine for a no-nonsense approach to foster rapid growth for brands and companies. Working hand in hand with owners and marketing professionals to get the job done.

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