96.5 KOIT Bonneville Bay Area radio station

Today's Hits & Yesterday's Favorites


More people listen to 96.5 KOIT than any other Bay Area radio station!

Our unique music mix features popular artists, plus cash giveaways and contesting help to keep listeners engaged and having fun. KOIT’s programming is family-friendly, with feel-good music, in a non-controversial environment.

Adele live in concert in gown

Adele | Madonna | Ed Sheeran

Taylor Swift | Prince | Maroon 5 | Whitney Houston | Kelly Clarkson

Pink | Backstreet Boys | Lady Gaga | Cyndi Lauper | Bruno Mars | Alanis Morissette | Justin Timberlake


KOIT Bay Area's ratings leading radio station
KOIT San Francisco diverse population
KOIT most listened to radio station
KOIT home to top product influencers

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